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Nikon F
Picture: NIKON F 1965 (as known as "THE NIKON" in the sixties) in black left to a Rangefinder NIKON S2 (1955).

NIKON, formerly known as NIPPON KOGAKU K.K. has a history as a camera maker since 1948 and had produced lenses and rangefinder mounts since 1935. In the late 1960's NIKON got the world number One in high-class/ professional use SLR cameras and kept this position for twenty years.

Along this way, I would like to share some stuff and history, about some heavy metal cameras and lenses from 1955 - 1975 - a time long have passed. I hope you'll enjoy it...

Nikon S 1951
NIKON I/M/S  - Die Geburtsstunde der NIKON
(neu 2022, Deutsch)
Nikon S2
NIKON S2 - the camera that should have been made by Zeiss-Ikon...
Nikon S3
                Black Dial
NIKON S2 Black Dial
Neu 2023 (Deutsch)

Nikon S3 Olympic
NIKON S3 Olympic (1964) - Die "letzte" Messsuchercamera von NIKON
(neu 2022, Deutsch)
Nikon S3
NIKON S3 und SP - Remake 2000 und Vergleich
(neu 2022, Deutsch)
NIKON Rangefinder Lenses
Nikon F
NIKON F - aka just as "The Nikon" - professional's choice SLR
the first automatic exposure NIKON
Nikon F2S 1976
                -- LINK
NIKON F2 und Canon F-1 (1971)
(neu 2024, Deutsch)
Nikon FM
NIKON FM und FE Serie - Die "Unzerst÷rbaren?"
(neu 2022, Deutsch)
Nikon FG und EM
NIKON EM und FG - Die "ungeliebten Kleinen"
(neu Juli 2022, Deutsch)
Nikon F3 --
NIKON F3 gegen Pentax LX (1980)
(neu Feb. 2024, Deutsch)

NIKKOR SLR (Non AI) Lenses -
The lenses in front
CANON - The Competition

Nikon F S2

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