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Early ASAHI-PENTAX Collection and History

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I like Pentax cameras since the very first "real" camera I took photos with was my fathers Pentax SP screwmount, with a great 1.4/50mm lens, in the 1978-1980 years. I stil can remember beeing impressed by a very solid, precise, quality feel of this camera. The first camera I bought from my own money was a Pentax ME, but this wasn't the same.  I should have bought the MX instead of. Now I have one, together with her ancestry.

Please take a look at my various Pentax pages. All these pages contain pictures, diagrams and information which isn't offered anywhere else in the web:

Camera History
Early SLR history (From 1936 to 1960)
Four vintage SLRs: Praktiflex (1939) - Contax S (1948) -
Four vintage SLRs: Exakta (1954) - PENTAX (1957) Deutsch

Pentax Cameras and Lenses in detail
ASAHIFLEX (1954) Deutsch
Pentax S-series (I) : Original Pentax (1957) Deutsch English
Pentax S-series (II) : Pentax K (1958) Deutsch
Pentax S-series (III) : Pentax S (1958) Deutsch
Pentax S-series (IV) : Pentax H2 (1959) Deutsch
Pentax S-series (V) : Pentax S1, S3, Super-Takumar 1:1.4/50mm
Overview of Early Pentax Takumar lenses

Early Pentax Takumar lenses (Part II)

The last in a row: Pentax MX (1976) and later lenses
The 85mm story: Fast Pentax telephotos 1953-1980 Deutsch English
Early Takumar Primes Test

Pentax Spotmatic

Pentax ES - K2 - LX -- 30 years of Pentax "top-of-the-line" SLR cameras

Comparison Pentax ES - Canon EF - Nikon EL -
When "AE" (Autoexposure) was brand new... (1973)

Von der Pentax ES und Spotmatic-F zur K2 (1971-1975) Deutsch
Pentax K-Serie : K2 und KX (1975) Deutsch
Pentax MX and ME-family - smallest 35mm SLR of the world (1976-1981)
Pentax LX - The Last Samurai (1980-2010)


Pentax 1957

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Other sources of useful information for vintage PENTAX cameras and lenses on the web (external links)

Yahoo Group Spotmatic
M42 Pentax Screwmount online database project
(Pentax M42 collectors and users, please list your equipment at this database!) (sorry, not working anymore!)
Mr. Sherfy's collectors page and articles
Bojidar Dimitrov's Pentax K-Mount Page
Information on Takumar lenses
Free Manuals of vintage Pentax cameras (pdf)
Pentax PK & PKA mount lens listing and diagrams (excellent work)
Asahiflex and Pentax Early Model Specs (1951-1973)

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