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 Canon VI
Canon Rangefinder Cameras (as some might say, "Leica copies"....)

CANON Rangefinder Cameras (I)
CANON Rangefinder Cameras (I) (Deutsch)
CANON Rangefinder Cameras (II)
CANON Ramgefinder Cameras (II) - Meine Sammlung
The Race for the fastest Das Rennen um die lichtstärksten Objektive
Wide-Angle Lenses
Canon Messucher Weitwinkelobjektive
Standard (50mm) Lenses
Standard (50mm) Objektive
Super Fast Telephotos (85/1.5) Super Fast Telephotos (85/1.5)

Mirror Box 2 and lenses
Canon 35/1.8. Fastest Wide Angle lens in the world 1956 (NEW Feb. 2023)
Canon 35/1.8. Lichtstärkstes Weitwinkelobjektiv 1956 (NEU Feb. 2023)
Canon 19/3.5. Widest Ultrawide lens in 1964 (NEW Feb. 2023) Canon 19/3.5. Weitestes Ultraweitwinkel Objektiv 1964 (NEU Feb. 2023)

Canon SLR Cameras

Canon SLR of the 1970's: EF and AE-1 (new) Canon SLR der 1970'er Jahre (I) : EF and AE-1

Canon AL-1

Canon F-1

Sonnar and Planar - what it means
The fastest short telephoto lenses

Lichtstarke KB-Objektive der 20'er bis 50'er Jahre
Die Farbe SCHWARZ bei Cameras und Objektiven
Extra: How to avoid ZEISS FAKES

Canon VI (1958)
Canon P  (1959)
Canon 7  (1962)

Canon LTM Lenses
Canon 19mm f/3.5 (NEU!)
Canon Serenar 25/3.5
Canon Serenar 28/3.5
Canon Serenar 35/2.8
Canon 35/1.8 (NEU!)
Canon 35/2 aka "Japanese Summicron"

Canon 50/1.5 aka "Canon Sonnar"
Canon 50/1.8
Canon 50/1.4
Canon 50/0.95
Canon Serenar 85/1.5
Canon 85/1.8
Canon 100/3.5
Canon M 135/2.5
Black Canon Lenses

Non-Canon LTM Lenses
Nikkor P.C. f/2 8.5cm
Nikkor P.C. f/2.5 10,5cm
Kobalux/ Avenon 2.8/21mm
Voigtländer Asph. 4.5/15mm
Voigtländer  4/21mm
Voigtländer  4/25mm
Voigtländer Asph. 1.7/35mm
Voigtländer 2.5/75mm
Rollei Germany Sonnar 2.8/40mm
Acall at Canon P

Competition: Nikon S2
Nikon S2

Nikon Canon
Canon L1 and Nikon S2

Rangefinder lens tests telephotos (LTM) - Canon, Nikon, Voigtländer, Jupiter --  under construction
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Rf telephoto lenses
Short telephoto lenses for Canon Rangefinder, Leica LTM and Bessa R cameras: Nikkor-P.C. 1:2 f=8.5cm (ca. 1952), Canon 1.8/85mm (ca. 1962), Canon 1.5/85mm (ca. 1954), Canon 3.5/100mm first version (1953) and third, all black version (1962), Super-Acall 3.5/105mm (unkwon, ca. 1958)

Kwanon D 1935
Highest price of a CANON ever: 138.000 USD
This KWANON D camera S/N 2 (probably made in 1935) was sold 29th July 2006 in an auction at Boston for 138.000 USD. This Leica Screw Mount Rangefinder camera was - if legit - predeccessor of the Hansa Canon and the Nikon I, probably the first Japanese 35mm camera.  Before the auction, this camera was considered as never made (or just as a wodden dummy) or lost during the war. Maybe this is the only existing camera of  Mr. Goro Yoshida, father of all Canons.

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